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Cheap smartphones

Cheap smartpones

Nokia 2 – 8GB – Cheap smartphones

Cheap smartphones

 This is cheap smartphones for under $100. Sure it is not very good in the spec department but depending on what you are looking for it might be the right choice.

As mentioned earlier the specs are nothing special. It is definitely the weakest part of this phone. From personal experience. The performance feels like on par with a Samsung Galaxy S5 or an iPhone 5s.

cheap smartphones

If you are someone who always gets the latest phone, you will be disappointed.

I’ll highlight a couple positive things that this phone does well.

This phone is perfect for someone who doesn’t use any demanding apps. Forget about most games. Don’t worry though because of calls, texts, email, and chatting work perfectly. you see it as the best communication device for cheap smartphones.

you can use this device as a backup/travel phone. you currently have an AT&T and a T-Mobile SIM in the dual slots. The phone can switch between them on the fly. You can route calls and data between the two SIMs automatically or manually choose it.

Each time you place a call. Moreover, most dual SIM phones I’ve used don’t handle it this seamlessly or they make you switch one line off before switching to the other one.

The status bar shows the signal strength of each line and also the type of connection (LTE, 4G, 3G, etc…). Keep in mind that each frequency of the radio can only be used once. This means if the 4G connection for each SIM you have uses the same frequency.

Then SIM #1 will get the priority and #2 will fall back to the next available. The Nokia 2 really shines in the dual SIM functionality.

The processor used in this phone is the Snapdragon 212. It does not use much power since it is not very high performing. This combined with the huge battery (4000mAh) means you really do get great battery life.

I have the brightness set to the max, wifi, and bt on, two SIMs, after a day of use (7am-7pm) I still have 75% battery left.

This is on track to get me two days of standby. So, you could probably stretch it if you power down overnight or go into battery saver modes.

One neutral point of this phone is the storage space. It is only 8GB with about half of that available after the OS considered since it has expandable storage I didn’t make this a negative.

A microSD card is a must with this phone. Get a decent SD card and combine it with the internal storage. The phone isn’t that fast so you won’t really notice much performance difference between launching apps off the internal memory vs the sd card.

Don’t get this phone to play games, fly your drone, or for the camera. However, Get this if you need the connectivity of dual SIMs and the long battery life.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that Nokia has promised continued support for Android 8 and 9 for their new phones that were released this year, the Nokia 2 was included in this announcement as well. So it will be one of the best and cheap smartphones for you.


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