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Good cheap smartphones – Lenovo P2

“Good cheap smartphones for battery life”.


This Phone will be one of the good cheap smartphones for you and your family. Read about it:


Back camera: 13MP f/2.0

Front camera: 5MP f/2.2

Screen size: 5.5-inches

OS: Android 7.0

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625


Storage: 64GB

Battery: 5100mAh

Weight: 177g

Dimensions: 153 x 76 x 8.3mm


Leading battery life of the world + smart metal build body

REASONS TO dislike

Not running the latest Android version

The Lenovo P2 is a Good cheap smartphone. Lenovo P2has outstanding battery life and it is also one of the best cheapest and Good cheap smartphones in the world right now. They really have been able to manage to bug all the other features that you want from a good cheap smartphone. Although short battery life is one of the greatest problems in 2017 Lenovo may has been able to solve that problem with its latest cheapest smartphone. If you are in search of a phone with an awesome battery that lasts over two days, the Lenovo P2 can be the best one for you.

Camera        Good cheap smartphones

Yet the Lenovo P2 has not the best camera on the market, but it has held its own against same priced opponents. The P2 camera has a 13MP rear sensor which is slightly lower than some of the competition. However, it still performs well. The lens features a f/2.0 aperture.

When you are going to record your video, look – the camera’s footage seems to be solid but not wow. It’s capable to record in either 1080p or 2160p at 30 frames per second. The Lenovo P2’s selfie camera will help you take a shot for social media but will not offer you the best photo-shoot. Actually, its 5MP lens is considered standard for this level of phone.


The Lenovo P2 is not only attractive but also looks great. Its 177g weight has made the phone heavier than the other 5.5-inches smartphones on the market. Regardless of the inclusion of a huge battery pack, the Lenovo P2 is not as awkward as you might assume.

The phone is comfortable to hold in one hand for its tapered edges. Its camera locates beneath the chassis that helps in protection against rough surfaces. In the right edge of the phone, you will get both the power button and volume rocker which are easy to reach if you hold the device right-handed. The headphone jack is placed on the top while at the bottom you will see the charging port.

Battery Life

The Lenovo P2 has an incredible battery of 5,100mAh which will last a solid two days if you use above average. The battery has far higher capacity than most of the cheapest smartphone.  It has also a fast charging mode which allows you to pump more power into the phone rapidly. You may get a release from the problem of battery life if you are frustrated with the battery performance of your current phone.


Without the only one shortcomings of slightly heavier than similar phones, the Lenovo P2 is one of the best cheap smartphones in the world. It features everything you may have an expectation of a mid-range phone. Finally, if you want to buy a phone with a great battery pack the Lenovo P2 can be good cheap smartphones for you.


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