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budget smartphone

low cost budget smartphone

The Alcatel Pixi 4 – budget smartphones

budget smartphone

The Alcatel Pixi 4 5045X is a 5in quad-core budget smartphone that runs on 4G connectivity, Android 6 Marshmallow, and a micro SD card included a slot. That much isn’t different; it’s the price that appointed the face brows rising since this is a valuable smartphone that can buy for a mere $98.99.




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Samsung Galaxy J5-Cheapest Smartphone 

budget smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J5 is the best budget smartphone. Capture beautiful and exclusive photos of all class with the 13MP Samsung Galaxy J5.It provides acute and fair shots even in the little light environment. Moreover, The design interface cleared so that you can get the advantage of perceptive features

such as the free button, which helps as well as indicates you to act the button of the camera where you need it and to capture the photo more frankly.



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Vodafone Smart Prime 7- best smartphone to buy

budget smartphone

Vodafone is another budget phone for you. It includes vanilla Android, as Google engaged so to declare, which is affably the most amiable form today. It runs pre-installed with the latest version – Android 6.0.1 – and it only has a few of apps installed, too. Honestly, that’s slight because the phone has only 8GB of storage. Only 3.98GB of which is particularly available to the user. This doesn’t allowance a lot of room for anything else, Additionally, once you’ve loaded a game or two, so including a micro SD card is a full must. The slot for this is found covered the back panel above its huge, fixed battery.


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Motorola Moto E-  latest budget smartphones

budget smartphone

If you’re choosing an acutely low-cost and good Android phone, the second-generation Motorola Moto E is a perfect choice. This phone has appropriate performance, a good screen (even if its 4.5in 960 x 540 display is a little low-res). And its battery time of 13hrs 30mins in our video-playback test is also exclusive for its price.



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